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Girl Online by Zoella

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Girl Online by Zoella / Zoe Sugg - Link

Now I'll be honest in saying book reviews aren't really what you'd expect to see on CharmedCharlee, however I couldn't resist after - what seems like an influx of bloggers releasing products - one of my favourite YouTube vloggers Zoella / Zoe Sugg released her first novel. And let's be honest a lot of us will know of her and be drawn into the release of her first novel to see what all the fuss is about. Since I haven't purchased a good book in a while this was the perfect opportunity as WH Smiths were offering this at half price. Now I will try my best to keep this review spoiler free, incase any of you are waiting to get the book. 

Girl Online focuses on Penny, a 15 year old student from Brighton who under the alias of GirlOnline blogs about her personal life. After a shock incident her family take her to New York over the festive period where an inciting incident means she meets the gorgeous Noah, and starts to fall in love all whilst capturing every moment on her blog. However Noah has a secret, one that could ruin Penny's cover and her closest friendship.

Personally for me I didn't know what to expect from this book, especially as I had heard that it was aimed at a younger teenage market and we know how these books can sometimes be. It did take me a few chapters to fully get into the book, as it started with reading a couple of chapters and putting the book down as it does venture down the teen fluff aisle. However once the story gets going (when Penny travels to New York) that is where I found myself in trouble and not being able to put it down, and before I knew it I was fully gripped. Through various twists and turns that's where I found myself most interested in seeing where the story went, and found myself loving the chemistry between Penny and Noah. 

What I liked about the book was the way it was written, and as someone who is a fan of Zoe pick up little things that reflected both her personality and life, including potential nods to Sprinkle of Glitter aka Louise. 

Now whilst there is a lot of fluff the book also tackles more serious issues, something which I did not expect from the book and is a real eye opener. It tackles anxiety, bullying, the loss of loved ones, and an outing to parents that aren't very understanding, and all I feel are treated well during the book and you get the feeling that some of these experiences could be coming from Zoe herself. 

My only hope was that the beginning and end could have been swapped round as I found it took a while to build up to the main plot and the last 3/4 of the book felt a little rushed with the resolution coming a little quicker than I imagined it to. 

Overall I think this is a great first novel from Zoella, and should really prove a hit with younger audiences. It reminds me of a young Sophie Kinsella book, in terms of the plot and the way it is wrote. I think there are parts that become a little predictable almost like I'm watching a rom com and know where the ending is going to take me, but that's all part of the fun in seeing how we get there and despite the predictably I couldn't put this book down all weekend. I think that is probably the most important thing when it comes to book, that you are not only enjoying what you are reading but you can't put it down until you know how the story is going to end. All I want to know now when is the sequel coming?!

Have you got this book? Let me know your thoughts? Or are you excited to get your hands on it?

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