Sunday, 16 November 2014

Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser

Time Bomb Powerball Intensive Moisturiser £36* - Link

Moisturiser is a staple piece to my skincare routine, and is always something I will make sure I religiously apply twice a day. So when I received Time Bomb's Powerball moisturiser I was instantly interested in this spheric moisturiser and couldn't wait to try this out. 

The Powerball moisturiser is described as a hydrating moisturiser that helps defeat acute and chronic sky dehydration. Whilst hydrating the skin this moisturiser helps restore soft, smooth and moist texture to dry and crinkled skin leaving it plump and healthy. The Powerball Moisturiser contains 21 hydrating ingredients including Ectoin, which is a moisture grabbing protein which helps provide intense moisture to the skin. 

This is technically an anti-ageing product but I have heard it's never too early to start using these types of products, and lets face it I'm helping my skin in the long run. Once applied this feels so lightweight, and I instantly feel my skin becoming hydrated. Now I was a little worried to begin with as I do have an oily complexion, however this never looks oily once it has sunk into the skin. Despite its hydrating properties I never find the formula greasy, which is a major bonus for me. 

I think we need to take a minute to discuss the packaging! I absolutely adore the ball shape and it's one of those products that stands out amongst others on my dresser. Despite being a higher end product I love the fact that the housing is plastic because sometimes these odd shapes can be a bugger to hold, which can sometimes resort to dropping (Lancome I'm looking at you!) so kudos for that. As this opens to a pot I find it a lot easier to access product as I prefer sweeping my finger around the top as I often know how much product I will need, and means I won't waste as much. 

This is a little on the pricier side of £36 but I don't mind as I think this is a fabulous product. Personally for me I don't mind the additional splurge when it comes to skincare if it works. And boy does this, I've been using this daily for the past couple of months and I haven't even hit a quarter of the way through the pot so I know that this will last a good while, making a great investment. 

Overall this is one of those moisturisers which is perfect for the colder months, when skin needs that hydration boost. I love to apply this on a nighttime to give my skin the moisture that it needs, and you can tell the difference in a morning, my skin looks a lot more revitalised and healthy. This is a very rich moisturiser which can leave your skin healthy for the day ahead. 

What is your go to moisturiser during the winter?

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