Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Coloristiq Review

Coloristiq, Coloristiq Review, Coloristiq Review Blog
Coloristiq, Coloristiq Review, Coloristiq Review Blog

It seems like the market is very inundated with beauty boxes at the moment, but today I wanted to share with you something a little different, a subscription box that allows you to rent nail varnish - yes you heard me right!

Coloristiq offers a multi-brand, online nail polish rental service. Providing its members with access to a wide range of salon quality brands including: China Glaze, Essie, OPI and Morgan Taylor, delivered monthly to your door. When you subscribe you will receive three bottles of polish to enjoy for 30 days for £14.49. Each bottle is limited to nine paintings (two coats each) which equals three per bottle during the rental month, and this is checked once you send your box back. 

If you are like me when it comes to nail polish and have drawer upon drawer of different shades, brands and sets, some of which are semi-used or have never been opened, cluttering up your bedroom Coloristiq could be a great alternative! 

I will admit one of the first questions that came to mind with this was - is this hygienic? Now there is the possibility that the polishes you choose may have been used before, however the Coloristiq team inspect each bottle to ensure that they are still useable as well as sanitising each bottle. The chemicals apparently found in nail polish also kill all bacteria inside the bottle so there is nothing to worry about on that front, and sharing polish is just like popping to your local nail salon.

I love the idea of Coloristiq as you can scroll through their website, and create a wishlist of colours you want to try, allowing them to send you three for the month to try out and send back at the end of the 30 days to receive another three.

In my box I received China Glaze 'Midtown Magic', 'I'd Melt For You' and 'Tip Your Hat', now I will be a little honest and say I was disappointed as I am a big fan of pastels and pinks but I have swatched the colours and really like, so it has offered the chance to try something new, especially Midtown Magic. 

If you are used to drugstore branded nail varnish then £14.49 may seem a bit steep, but if you are a fan of salon brands this is a really great idea, as you know that if you do choose a shade that based on photos looks amazing but when you try it at home and see that it needs a million coats and hours to dry, or chips quite easily you know that you haven't wasted money on a bottle and can instead return it for a better shade. Or on the other hand if you come across a shade that you have tried and have fallen in love with you can then hit the shops with a wish list of polish. 

Overall I think this is a fab concept as I personally find myself mixing my nail look up so frequently I'm always on the hunt for new polishes as I can't go for something similar for a good few weeks. If you are interested in this box the lovely folks over at Coloristiq are offering you lovely lot the chance to review the first box for free using the promo code: Charlee1.

What are your thoughts on Coloristiq?

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