Monday, 5 January 2015

My 2015 Blog Resolutions

Blogging Resolutions, Blogging Resolutions 2015

First of all I'd like to wish you lovely lot a happy 2015! I assume many of you already have your news years resolutions, and hopefully are sticking to them. However I wanted to do something a bit different, as someone who doesn't really make resolutions I thought I'd like to do some blogging related resolutions which hopefully I'll stick to in the year ahead!

Become more organised

Firstly I'd like to become more organised with my blog and content, hence the reason for a couple of new notebooks to help create a routine. Even though I take my bulk photos on a weekend I have purchased a notebook not only for when inspiration strikes but to keep on top of my blog posts and in the hope of adding some much needed organisation to my blog. This means gone will be the days where I spend 5 minutes before setting my photography space up thinking what to blog, instead I want to have ideas already in the place that I can get excited to photograph.

Be happy with a blog layout

This is something that I have been working on over the past few days, and that is being happy with a blog layout and sticking to it. Ever so often I'm guilty of tweaking html until I'm happy and sometimes I can be my own worse enemy spending hours on the smallest of tweaks. However I've had a 2015 overhaul, and can honestly say I'm really happy with the layout/theme that I have created. 

Dedicate more time to reading blogs

An important one for me, as 2014 say my blog viewing dwindle a lot due to a busy personal life. However I want to get back into reading old favourites and discovering new blogs, one thing I want to try which I have seen floating over social media, is commenting on each blog post I read. Sometimes I find myself being more of a lurker than a talker, so this is definitely something I want to change. 

Explore YouTube

Something I wanted to do in 2014 but I found my confidence lagging. However this year I want to explore YouTube more and upload videos, I will find the time to do so and hopefully through the process become more confident filming myself. As someone who is so bubbly in real life people find it strange that I feel a little shy in front of the camera, so let's try and tackle that in 2015!

Share the blogger love

One thing that always makes me happy is when I see other bloggers share/re-tweet my blog posts, links etc so I want to do the same and share the blogger love. I plan on posting about my favourite bloggers of 2014, but I want to follow this through the year on both my blog and social platforms, contributing to #FF's, re-tweeting blog posts that I like and sharing with you some of my favourite bloggers - as let's be honest there's nothing more fun than discovering a new favourite blog!

Attend more blogger meet ups

2014 saw me attend my first blogger meet up, different to blog events however a lot of fun. I really enjoyed meeting fellow bloggers and is something I'd love to try more in 2015, maybe even venturing around the country to not only travel but meet you lovely lot! Baby steps first though and I will carry out scoping out local blogger events - so if you know any in the West Mids hit me up!

So there we have it, my blogging resolutions. I'd love to know if you have any and what are they?
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