Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Lush Sex Bomb

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Lush Sex Bomb, Lush Sex Bomb review, Lush Sex Bomb review blog
Lush Sex Bomb, Lush Sex Bomb review, Lush Sex Bomb review blog
Lush Sex Bomb £3.35 - Link

Well it's official, I've caught the Lush bug - rather badly may I add. Named rightly after the legend that is Tom Jones and his popular hit Sex Bomb, this is one of Lush's most popular bath bombs - so it was only appropriate that I give the Lush Sex Bomb bath bomb a shot. 

Perfect for a Valentines treat Sex Bomb contains a fragrant blend of clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang, designed to leave you feeling relaxed and stress free. Combined with bicarbonate this bath time treat acts as a sensual perfume to ease stress and anxiety whilst clearing the mind and soothing worries. 

As soon as I dropped this into the bath, I was welcomed with an explosion of shades of pink filling my bathtub along with a gorgeous aroma filling the air. Once the bath bomb begins to dissolve in the water you are left with the open rose petals from the bomb, which at first I wasn't sure what to do with them but thought it left my bath looking really romantic. They do detach however from the flower leaving small petals floating around the bath, but after a little soaking they become a little annoying as they feel rather slimy.

Whilst in the bath I felt myself relaxing from the get go and feeling calm throughout, I love how baths can make you forgot about the day and just perfect for some much needed me time. Once out of the bath my skin not only felt smoother but nourished also, which is perfect as the winter has such a habit of drying my skin out. For a good couple of hours both my skin and  bathroom were filled with the scent of the bomb, which I loved being a big fan of the scent.

Luckily enough Sex Bomb didn't stain my bathtub either, much to my moms joy! If you're like me you may tend to worry about using bath bombs incase they leave a lovely coloured rim around the bath, meaning you're gonna spend an extra 15 minutes following a bath cleaning it up. 

Overall Sex Bomb brings your bath to life with an explosion of bright colours and sensual oils to leave you feeling relaxed throughout your bath. I can see why Sex Bomb is such a popular bath bomb from Lush's range, and would repurchase again.

Have you tried Sex Bomb?

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