Friday, 27 February 2015

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

Soap & Glory Solar Powder, Soap & Glory Solar Powder Review, Soap & Glory Solar Powder blog review, Soap & Glory Solar Powder swatches
Soap & Glory Solar Powder, Soap & Glory Solar Powder Review, Soap & Glory Solar Powder blog review, Soap & Glory Solar Powder swatches
Soap & Glory Solar Powder £11 - Link

I've been having what I can only explain as a love affair of late with bronzers, and as a paler girl I have been full on embracing the glowy cheeks and like to keep my complexion looking a little more tanned, and as of late I'm expanded my collection with the addition of the Soap & Glory Solar Powder. 

Solar Powder is described as a brilliant, brush-on, multi-shade shimmering bronzer and highlighting brick for beautifully luminous sun kissed skin. The product itself is half matte bronzer and half highlighter  which can be worn separately or swirled together. 

What I really like about Solar Powder is the fact that it's neither too orange nor too dark, which is perfect for us paler girls as I don't know about you but finding a bronzer that suits me can be a difficult task. I love that both colours can be mixed and worn together for a natural glow, or you can contour and highlight with the colours individually. I tend to apply this with my angled blush brush just for an everyday natural glow, and I sometimes find when I swirl my brush between both colours I end up with a gorgeous bronzed glow just below my cheeks and a subtle highlight on top - a win win situation. This blends really easily so you don't have to worry about a blunt orange line below your cheekbones - which is never a good look.

This applies really easily also, the powder itself is a dream on the skin and feels almost creamy when applied directly onto the cheeks. The powder itself is lightly pigmented so you can go heavy handed and not worry about overdoing it in the colour department. But on the other hand even the smallest amount can give a pop of colour to your cheeks. Where this product really packs a punch is in its lasting power, I find that I can apply this in the morning and it still be present as I'm leaving work - so a good 7-9 hours. I will note though that the pink S&G highlighter fades after the first use so not really sure of its purpose - but kinda glad because I'm not sure how this would have looked on the skin. 

Solar Powder retails for £11 which may be a little expensive for a drugstore/high street product but in terms of the quality is worth every penny. 

The only negative I have about this product is the cardboard packing, and the fact that it is not very sturdy. I have already had a little vanity accident where I've ripped the back as it got caught when shutting the drawer so the lid is dangling there, annoying I know. 

Overall Solar Powder has become my favourite high street bronzer, and adds a natural healthy glow to the face. This is a great option for those new to the world of blush as it's not only easy to apply to the cheeks but makes a safe bet for contouring as it's so easily done with this product.

Have you tried Soap & Glory's Solar Powder?
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