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Makeup Revolution Euphoria Bronzed Palette

Makeup Revolution Euphoria Bronzed Palette £6.00* - Link

Since Makeup Revolution have come onto the beauty scene the blogging world has gone mad, and I've really wanted to try some of their products, unfortunately my local Superdrug doesn't have a great range of stock so I've been toying around for a while deciding which products to get. However when the Makeup Revolution Euphoria Bronzed Palette landed on my doorstop thanks to the guys over at Beauty Product Testing, I have to admit I did do a jump of both glee and excitement.

The Makeup Revolution Euphoria Bronzed Palette is described as a do-it-all palette which contains 6 wearable eyeshadows and a contour system of blush, bronzer and highlighter powders to suit all complexions. 

I love the fact that this is a multi use palette as it is not only perfect for travelling but contains very wearable shades that I see myself getting a lot of use out of. The palette also comes with a full sized mirror on the back of the casing which is so handy - is it only me who hates when a palette is mirror-less? This does also come with a double ended sponge applicator, but to be honest I've never really seen the point of them so it will end up lost somewhere in my room.

The range of eyeshadows are gorgeous, for me they are right up my street and the perfect blend of everyday nudes. You can see they have really thought about the application of eyeshadow and the shades needed, making sure there are a couple of matte base shades, and a range of four shimmers allowing you to define the look you want. I've found the texture to feel very buttery when applying to the lids, not only do they apply like a dream but they are also really easy to blend which is a big selling point for me. I'm really loving the 4th and 5th eyeshadows along *see my point on eyeshadow names* as they are so gorgeous and who can resist a bit of shimmer.

The contour side of this palette contains a blush, bronzer and highlighter, which if you are new to contouring then this is a great place to start. The contour shades are really easy to work with and creates a lovely natural looking contour when blended together which is great for everyday wear. I love love love the combination of this palette, the bronzer is light yet buildable, warming your skin up without venturing down the orange/tangoed path. The highlighter is what I'd describe as a champagne toned highlighter and when applied above the cheekbones gives a gorgeous natural finish and picks up really lovely on natural light. The blush in this palette has a gorgeous rose gold hue to it that I find is very similar to Sleek's Rose Gold blush and Nars Orgasm, and once applied really perks your cheeks up.

Pigmentation wise I've found the lighter eyeshadows do require a little heavy handed application, but I think you find that quite a lot with lighter shades. The shimmers are heavily pigmented and a little goes a long way. The same applies to the contour shades, all three are so pigmented that they don't require a lot of work.

My only little gripe is that the shades don't have names, I'm the kind of person who wants to look at my palettes and say yeah I'm going to use *insert name here* not oh let's go for the golden bronze - I'm weird like that.

Overall I have fallen into the obsession with Makeup Revolution, this palette is great to have within my makeup collection as it is not only handy but it works really well as a palette giving you a lot of versatility and wearability. One thing I will say though, is don't be put off either by the limited amount of shades, if you were to compare to their eyeshadow palettes as I've found you can still create quite a few different looks with this.

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?

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