Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush £9.99 - Link

It seemed like the blogging world went into a frenzy following the announcement of a contour brush from the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection, and myself included couldn't wait to get my hands on it. However with the need to take out a small loan to own the collection, I was intrigued to hear that Sam and Nic were releasing a cheaper alternative to their normal range in the form of the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush. 

The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is described as a wide, angled head brush, specifically designed to help create defined contours or enhance your natural features. This is designed to be used with both cream or powdered bronzers to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks. 

Now I don't know about you but I find that contouring can be one of the most confusing beauty techniques to master, as it can sometimes lead to having distinctive orange lines on your face or it's mastering where to contour as in my case of the non-existent cheek bones. So having the right tools can massively help impact the way you contour you face, and try and make the whole process a lot easier. 

It seems that my contouring prayers have been answered thanks to the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, as the brush itself is narrowly shaped and quite short meaning that you can easily apply product into the hollows of your cheeks. What I really like about this brush is how sturdy and densely packed the bristles are, which means that it's not only easy to apply product, but even easier to blend - so say goodbye to those harsh contour lines and hello to a softer contour! Saying that, the small head on this brush means that you can focus on contour detailing so if you do want to go all Kim K you can, but if you're like me this also allows for a softer contour. The bristles are really soft also, just like previous Real Techniques brushes that I have tried.

I love the angled head on this brush also, which makes it perfect for applying across the cheekbones. I think this would also make a great brush for applying liquid foundation as the feel is very similar to the buffing brush. However the angled head would mean better, more precious application around both the eyes and nose areas. 

For £9.99 I think this brush is an absolute steal, and if you don't have £22 lying around to afford the Bold Metals this brush is just as good - be sure to keep an eye out for a comparison post coming shortly. 

Overall I can see this becoming a popular brush within the Real Techniques range, think back to the buffing brush sensation - well this could be round two. I think this would make a great brush for those who want to start experimenting with contouring as the bristles make it really easy to control your contour ensuring that you don't go wrong with application.

Have you tried the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush?

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