Saturday, 18 April 2015

Discovering Burberry Kisses

Burberry Kisses 05 Nude Pink and 85 Sepia - Link

Burberry have really hit the nail on the head with their latest marketing campaign, which has created quite a stir these past couple of weeks over social media. To celebrate the launch of their Burberry Kisses Lipstick range they were offering people the chance to sample a mini lipstick for free - all by simply receiving a nomination and nominating a friend over Twitter. 

The Burberry Kisses range is described as an effortless buildable lip colour, designed to give multiple lip looks with just one shade. The weightless gel texture formula delivers a customisable makeup result. With four shades on offer I couldn't decide between two, so I was a bit cheeky and gave my boyfriend a link to get the second shade for me. 

I've never tried any Burberry makeup products before so didn't know what to expect, however I did have high hopes for this luxury brand. Nude Pink is a gorgeous nude and honestly I do have a soft spot for shades like this, whilst it's not unique I think it's a really easy nude to wear and can be worn as a subtle tint or built up for a nude to compliment a smokey eye. Sepia is a perfect mauve pink with a glossy satin finish. This rosy shade is a great choice if you are looking for a 90s lip without venturing down the matte route. This is definitely a shade that I can see myself getting a lot of wear out as once applied it's a very classical pink that can be worn day or night. 

Formula wise I find that both shades are buildable allowing the choice between a sheer/tint to opaque finish depending on the look you want. I was a little worried that Nude Pink would end up washing me out when layered on, but it was completely the opposite and really complemented my skintone. Once applied I found these to be very moisturising almost balm like which I am a big fan of as there is nothing worse than a lipstick that dries your lips to the point of soreness. These would make a great option for those who don't like the feeling of a heavy lipstick, and would rather opt for a more breathable lightweight formula. These do have a subtle floral scent which is divine also, and what can I say I adore a lipstick which smells delicious also - after all it is being applied to your lips and I would rather apply something tasty then something I really disliked the scent of!

In terms of lasting power I found that these didn't last the 6 hours as advertised, I found that these wore for around 2-3 hours and to be honest I'm putting that down to the finish as these are quite glossy once applied, and I never find glossy lipsticks lasting that well on me personally. 

Now whilst this is a 1g sample, and comes enclosed in the tiniest packaging I do feel that this will last a while and gives you ample opportunity to try the product out before making the decision to purchase the full size. 

As a lipstick hoarder I adore the packaging, it just speaks volumes of luxury with everything from the outer packaging to the lipstick itself. I love that the sample has been embossed with the same detailing just like their regular sized products, and the packaging feels so sturdy that I'm sure it would survive a few knocks as I have the tendency to drop my lipsticks all over the place - I have a serious case of butter fingers. 

Overall I am a big fan of these lipsticks but I'm just not sure I could justify £25 per lipstick and think they would be more of a splurge for the packaging then anything else as I do think the shades are quite universal and easy to dupe as is the formula. However saying that I love the idea that Burberry had as it allowed people like me who hadn't tried the brand before to explore some of their gorgeous range.

Did you snag yourself a Burberry Kisses sample? If so which shade did you opt for?

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