Sunday, 19 April 2015

My MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC Lipstick Collection

I had been toying with the idea of posting my MAC lipstick collection for a while now, part of me has been a little scared and another part of me excited to share this with you. I'm going to just add a little disclaimer here I'm not trying to show off, I just wanted to share with you something I love collecting and I have either purchased these over the years or friends and family have kindly purchased these for me. 

Altogether I have 51 MAC lipsticks (a spare Creme Cup which I haven't shown) and yes I do have a problem - I lack self restraint everytime I walk past a MAC counter. However the hoarder collector in me wanted to share you with my MAC lipstick collection.

I've arranged them all by shade starting with nudes at the front including pinks, peaches, nudes and mauves, then going into brighter pinks and corals then purples and finally my reds and oranges. I actually didn't realise how much I love my nudes or reds until placing them side by side like this. I won't actually be swatching each lipstick individually in this post because we could be here all day (and night) so instead I'm going to separate the shades in a separate post and leave this as an overall collection post. 

Here's just a quick rundown of the shades I own:

Front row:
Pure Zen
Shy Girl
Kiss the King
Velvet Teddy
Royal Ball
Creme Cup

Second row:
Morning Rose
I Love Winter
Haute Attitude
How Darling!

Third row:
No Faux Pars
MAC Viva Glam Miley
Full Fuchsia
Red Balloon
Toying Around
Betty Bright
Sunny Seoul
Hot Gossip
Speed Dial

Fourth row:
Heavenly Hybrid
Milan Mode
Private Party
Up The Amp
Creme de la Femme

Fifth row:
MAC Viva Glam Rihanna
MAC Viva Glam IV
MAC Viva Glam I
Ruby Woo
Salon Rouge
Sparks of Romance
Damn Glamorous 
Lady Danger
Dreaming Dahlia
Toxic Tale

There we have it my MAC lipstick collection, let me know which shades you'd like to see first. And I'm dying to know which are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

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