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Transforming My Hair With Moroccan Oil Haircare

Moroccan Oil Haircare, Moroccan Oil Treatment Oil
Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, Moroccan Oil Treatment, Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner* - Link

Some of you may know a couple of months ago I went back to having bright blonde hair, since the sun had naturally bleached it I was loving brighter locks. However having lighter locks does mean it takes a toll on my hair, it does prove to be knottier when coming out of the shower leaving my Tangle Teezer looking more like a rat then a brush and just generally requires a lot more TLC then what it did before so finding haircare that helps can be a nightmare. When the lovely folks over at HQHair got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out some Moroccan Oil Products, I jumped at the chance in the hope to get my hair back on track and I could tell it was going to be a hair match made in heaven.

The Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask is designed to help repair and hydrate damaged hair. Using Argan Oil it is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that help restore elasticity and improved manageability. Normally I am really lazy when it comes to hair masks because lets be honest who really does have time to keep applying these? I tend to forget and then never get round to using them again, but I have really fallen in love with this product! I only apply this to the ends of my hair as I feel that's where hydration is needed as as soon as I have washed this out the ends of my hair feel amazing - so soft and smooth it feels like walking out of the hairdressers it's that smooth. 

The star of the set has to be the Moroccan Oil Treatment which is described as an ultra-light oil that is instantly absorbed by the hair to improve manageability, control frizz, detangle and increase elasticity whilst giving locks a natural silky finish with a brilliant shine. I have to admit I am always a bit dubious about using hair oils as my hair is quite grease prone (something which has been improving over the past few months) but I have found that using a small pea sized amount on a night really helps to leave my hair feeling super soft, not only that but it helps control frizz in a morning as I normally end up getting out of bed looking like I've been electrocuted - no lie - so this has really helped to tame my mane and I have noticed an improvement in the morning when it comes to brushing my hair, I'm not tugging at it as much as I used to which is a big plus for me. 

The Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo and Moroccan Oil Repair Conditioner are specially formulated for hair that has been coloured and over-processed or damaged due to heat styling. The nourishing ingredients help to strengthen, repair and restore your hairs vitality whilst cleansing away daily impurities and helps to detangle your lcoks. I mentally ticked my way through that list whilst I was writing the description, and I have to admit it did sound a little too good to be true. First things first both of these smell amazing, it reminds me of a salon scent you know the smell that leaves you smelling your hair for the rest of the day - or at least I hope that's just not me. After using the two of these my hair felt so soft and invigorated, and most importantly healthier. The real test came when brushing my hair as I found that especially the conditioner helped to ease any tangles out prior to combing and instead of my Tangle Teezer being home to 101 hairs, there was little pulling and I found it easing through my hair. Once dry my hair felt so soft, shiny and it just looked a lot healthier and can see these replacing my trusty Redken shampoo and conditioner set. 

Overall if you're finding yourself in a hair rut I wouldn't really recommend trying out Moroccan Oil products, they may seem a little pricey but they do gift sets or minis which are a great way of trying the products out and can safely say this has become my favourite premium hair brand, transforming the condition of my hair almost instantly and a real treat for my hair.

Have you tried any Moroccan Oil products? If so I'd love to know your favourites!

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