Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Travel Technology

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I really love posting my regular Wishlist Wednesday posts, and it seems that I'm forever lusting after products. This time I wanted to share with you all my travel technology wishlist, as it seems whenever I go away I'm still always hooked to technology whether it's taking a selfie or scrolling through news sites or reading books on a tablet - I cannot break away from technology, please tell me I'm not alone? So as I'm going to Paris for a long weekend next month I wanted to share with you all my travel tech must haves!

One good thing about being an EE customer is that you can claim a free EE Power Bar, I suppose despite the lack of service I've been getting recently they do have their perks. The Power Bar is a portable USB charger meaning you can charge your phone on the go, which means on long days shopping, sightseeing or character hunting as Disney I'm always going to have a battery backup so I don't miss out on that all important photo. I never thought I'd be saying this but to go with my iPhone I suppose I need to buy into the hype of Selfie Sticks, love them or hate them I think they are a bit of fun, and let's be honest I will probably need one to get both James and I in photos of the Eiffel Tower as I'm 5'3 and he's over 6 foot so it never works. They are also fab for taking pics on the go and no one is around to take a photo, or don't want to be interrupted by tourists to stop and take a pic. 

Next on my wishlist is a tech update, currently I'm sporting the iPad 2 which is so old now that they have stopped doing updates for it - sad I know. So now I want to update to the iPad mini as I think it's just so much more convenient for when travelling as not only is the unit itself smaller but it's lighter also meaning I'm not going to weigh my hand luggage down with my tablet. Next up is the Panasonic Compact Camera DM7-LX7, as much as I like to take photos on my Canon or iPhone I find that the first weighs me down and the second doesn't always produce the quality photos I'd like so that's where this compact camera comes in. I love that this camera allows manual control over exposure settings as I don't think I could go back to automatic settings after shooting in manual on my Canon for over a year. The spec is really great for a compact camera and means I can produce good quality photos to put up around my house. Lastly I couldn't resist this cute Paris phone case from eBay, it's so cute and definitely location appropriate. 

What are you go to travel tech items?

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