Friday, 21 August 2015

My Top Tips for Nude Lips

Since lightening my locks a few months back I've found myself going back to my old ways and sporting my trusty nude lip. One thing I have noticed despite being a failsafe wearable look, is that creating the perfect nude lip can be a challenge as you never want to create a look that leaves you looking washed out. In light of this I wanted to share with you all my top tips for wearing a nude lip.

Exfoliate your lips

The first tip I've found to perfecting a nude lip is to exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick of choice. I tend to find that nudes highlight flakes and imperfections more than any other colour, so I always like to exfoliate my lips using Lush's Lip Scrubs to help keep my lips looking soft and my nude lip looking on point.

Line and Define your lips

I always like to add a bit of definition to my nude lip by wearing a lipliner that is either the same shade or a couple of shades darker to the lipstick. This is to help avoid the washed out look that can sometimes happen with a shade a little too pale or one that closely resembles my skintone. I like to define my lip shape with a liner creating the shape I want, and then fill the corners of my lip with my choice of liner to help add some depth to my nude, as I find this just helps created a lifted look against my skintone. 


I will admit when it comes to nudes one thing I'm not a fan of is a matte nude, I'll happy take the likes of Velvet Teddy but could never sport Creme Cup let's say in a matte finish as I know it would look completely wrong against my skintone. Instead I always like to opt for either a creamy formula such as a MAC Cremesheen finish or by applying a nude gloss on top to help complete the look to help mimic the finish of your lips. I especially love a gloss that has a sheen or glitter to it as I find it helps create a fuller healthier looking lip.

Bronze and Glow

If I'm feeling a little on the pale side I always like to pop a bit of bronzer on to create a light sun kissed glow which I find when teamed with a nude lip can look amazing. Instead of doing 3 motions across each side of my face I'd take my bronzer where I'd normally use my blush and lightly across my nose to lift my complexion and I find it just lifts my look to leave a flattering nude lip against my complexion.

Choose the right nude for you

The most important tip I'd say when sporting a nude lip is to choose the right colour for you. This will completely depend on your skintone, and I tend to find that pink or peach nudes look great against a pale or fair skintone and taupes, rosy browns or beige nudes look great against medium or darker skintones. 

I really hope these tips came in handy and I'd love to know what are your go to items for a nude lip?

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