Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wedding Guest Wishlist: Vintage Tea Party

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Since coming back from Paris wedding fever has definitely hit, and not just because of my own nuptials but in a little over 3 weeks time I'll be attending James' aunts wedding and I wanted to share with you a little wishlist post for what I'd like to wear. The theme of the wedding is vintage tea party which I'm so excited about as I do love a good afternoon tea session and the chance to dress up. 

First up is the Michael Kors Chronograph Watch, now I already own the exact same watch in rose gold, but since getting engaged I'm having a big silver jewellery moment as I can't be sporting different colours. I love the size of this as the face is not too big nor is it too small, and would be a welcome addition to my watch collection.

Next up is another Michael Kors item, the Michael Kors Lana Clutch - not only do I love the envelope style but the colour is just so gorgeous. For me clutch bags can be very marmite, one minute I'm loving them the next I'm thinking where have I put the bloody thing so I love the fact that this comes with a chain strap which means I won't run the risk of forgetting where I have put it. It actually looks quite big also which means I can pop all my essentials in without running out of space.

I am really loving Oasis dresses at the moment, especially this Midnight Pencil Dress, the pattern is just so gorgeous and definitely fits the vintage tea party theme. I actually wore a dress similar to this for my graduation and can safely say this style of dress is so comfortable to wear and a very flattering fit. I love the floral pattern also and I think it just gives the dress quite a youthful feel as I sometimes shy away from pencil styles as I feel that they can be a little ageing or look too much like workwear.  

This one technically doesn't count as I already own it but I would love to team this look with the Tiffany & Co Heart Tag Pendant. I just find that this pendant is so easy to wear and works for casual or smart wear, really perking an outfit up. I actually went for the medium sized pendant and it looks good when worn as it's the perfect size. 

Last but not least are the New Look Chunky Ankle Strap Heels, I am obsessed with the colour and style of these heels. I tend to find that any chunky heel and platform shoe will be more comfortable than your average heel, as I wore a similar style for my graduation. On a plus side these are also a wide fit which means added comfort and I won't have to worry about squeezing my feet into strappy shoes that cut my circulation off - I hate styles that feel too tight!

I'd love to know if you're attending any weddings soon!

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