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Are MAC Limited Edition Collections Worth the Hype?

Are MAC Limited Edition Collections Worth the Hype?, MAC Limited Edition Collection
MAC Wonder Woman (2011), MAC Archie's Girls (2013), MAC Cinderella (2015), MAC Wet & Dry (2015), MAC Venomous Villains (2010), MAC Marilyn Monroe (2012)

If you're a regular reader of CharmedCharlee, it will come as no surprise to know that I have a slight MAC addiction and have done for years, especially their limited edition collections. I try not to buy into the hype surrounding certain lines but I cave really easily, which means I'm lining my vanity with more pretty packaging that I know what to with - but I love the sense of excitement that comes with getting your hands on something that is so highly coveted. But it seems of late to get your hands on some of MAC's limited edition collections is becoming more of a fight with collections selling out within minutes online and the same day in store which leaves the question is are these collections really worth it?

I think the main problem over the past few collections is that no one wants to miss out, it seems like MAC only have to release an image of their new collection and a frenzy is created no marketing needed. But this more then ever has created panic buying and buying to sell, I've noticed with previous collections I could stroll into MAC a couple of days after a release and know I should be able to get the shades I want, but now I'm lucky to get them by midday. These limited edition collections create panic buying and buying to sell, as you find yourself one toying over the idea of 'do you really need it' and then 'do you need a backup', as the shade is limited edition and don't know if there will be a re-release or dupe available. 

Packaging; I think limited edition packaging is a big factor to how quickly a range will sell out, look at MAC Cinderellai which sold out almost instantly. Why? Probably most likely down to the colourful packaging, and I have to admit I'm one of those who likes the hint of colour to the packaging, and I'm guessing a lot of you do to going off how quickly collections sell. 

Shades; Now the real catch 22 of limited edition collections are the shades, the real bug bear is that these shades may not be available once you have finished that product. For example Peach Ripe is a gorgeous blush but MAC have not made permanent so you find yourself awaiting each limited edition collection for a re-promote. But then the Giambattista Valli collection is very dupable, the shades are staples but I know that I can easily pop to my local MAC counter and find a good dupe. However if I know MAC release a LE collection where shades are available within the permanent line I'm not too bothered, look at when Rebel was released in their holiday collection last year, I wasn't throwing my trusty lipstick out for a bit of glitter, because at the end of the day the shade was exactly the same in the bullet.

Price; When it comes to MAC LE collections the prices vary depending on the packaging, if there's a new collection such as the MAC is Beauty and the black packaging remains the same MAC don't up their prices. However as soon as MAC change things up a bit the prices do go up, not by much though. Lipsticks normally go to £17, Blushers £20, Lipglasses £16 and so on, so they make limited edition collections still affordable for their customers. Or their holiday collection sets prove to be a good bargain, such as the pigments and lip bags I always find myself picking up one or two. The real problem starts if you search these collections on eBay and Depop, you can find yourself parting with 2x if not 4x the amount you'd have paid to MAC for the same item, and a lot of the time these collections are old, used, swatched, without boxes - not even the same condition as you'd have received from MAC. 

Over the past few months I have bought a lot of MAC limited edition collections, but only the items that I like - I'm not one of those who can buy one of everything, as I'm yet to find a collection that every item appeals to me. There was a point where I would always have to buy collections, but now I'm reigning myself in, and indulging in just some of the collections and will be bypassing all the new collections until the release of the Ellie Goulding collection.

I'd love to know your thoughts on MAC Limited Edition collections? Are they worth the hype? And what are your favourite LE purchases?

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