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MAC Lipstick Collection: Berry and Purple Lipsticks and Swatches

MAC Lipsticks LtoR: Craving, Creme De La Femme, Heavenly Hybrid, Private Party, Plumful, Rebel, Sweetie, Up the Amp

So a while back I shared with you all my MAC lipstick collection and yes admittedly since doing this post my lipstick collection has grown, but I wanted to break down my collection for you guys with swatches and a little overview. Since we have officially welcomed Autumn what better way then to start with my Berry and Purple MAC lipsticks.

MAC Craving - Amplified Creme

I had actually forgot how gorgeous Craving was before doing this lipstick post, this is described as a burst of plum and this definitely delivers a gorgeous medium plum to the lips. This is such a perfect lip choice for the Autumn and Winter months and is very wearable for both day and night so makes a great transitional shade. This is a great choice if you want to try a darker lip but don't quite want to venture down the Rebel route. 

MAC Creme De La Femme - Frost

Creme De La Femme for me is such a wearable, everyday plum with shimmer particles running through. The lipstick is described as a pink laced with gold, but on my lips I find it falls more towards the plummier side. I don't know about you but I tend to steer clear of frost lipsticks as I just imagine them to look really frosty and glittery but this isn't at all and just contains a subtle gold sheen that looks like you've teamed this with a gloss. When applied this is quite sheer so you need a few layers to build up, but nonetheless this is a lovely everyday lilac shade. 

MAC Heavenly Hybrid (LE) - Lustre

Heavenly Hybrid was released as part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection, and is described as a mid-tone berry. This for me is a more wearable version of Rebel as it falls on the lighter side with being a lustre finish. In the bullet this may just look like a normal berry shade but actually against my skin is quite bright venturing towards the purple side of the scale, making it perfect for all year round. 

MAC Private Party (LE) - Satin

Private Party again is another limited edition lipstick released as part of the Divine Night collection, and is described as a dirty plum mauve. This is a gorgeous muted dark plum with subtle pink tones and I have a new found love for this lipstick since lightening my hair again as it flatters my paler skintone. Private Party is definitely a go to lipstick for the Winter and just such a shame that it was limited edition as I am yet to find a similar dupe for it.  

MAC Plumful - Lustre 

Plumful is a beautiful, easy to wear plum shade that is great for those who want to venture into brighter berry or plum shades without going too full on. Described as a blossoming rose-plum this gives the lips a gorgeous pop of colour without being too bright or overpowering which is thanks to the lustre finish. For me this is one of those shades that is so wearable and flattering on the lips, I just wish that it lasted a little longer than a couple of hours. 

MAC Rebel - Satin

Rebel for me is my favourite MAC lipstick to wear during the Autumn and Winter months, it's described as a midtonal cream plum and is one of those shades that looks a lot darker in the bullet compared to when worn on the lips. This is perfect for creating a sultry or vampy look for a night out, or wear it lightly tapped onto the lips for a gorgeous berry lip stain. 

MAC Sweetie - Lustre 

Sweetie is a really unusual yet unique shade, described as an ultra sweet-pink I actually find that this falls on the plummier side of things. In the bullet this doesn't look like anything special as it contains speckles of glitter which would make you think it's going to look very shimmery on the lips but instead this instantly lightens your complexion, and the purple undertones make this a great option for during the Autumn if you want to try berry or purple hues but don't want to quite venture down the darker, vampy statement shades. 

MAC Up the Amp - Amplified 

Up the Amp was one of those lipsticks that I'd never imagine myself wearing but when I tried it couldn't believe how well it suited my skintone. This lipstick is described as a lavender violet, and this definitely falls into the lighter purples category but don't let that put you off because I promise you this is a lot more wearable and versatile than you'd think. This is one of those shades that I can find myself wearing all year round, and if you have a lighter complexion I'd definitely recommend swatching this or trying it on next time you're near a MAC store. 

So there we have it, the first shade range down. I'd love to know what your favourite MAC berry and purple lipsticks are and what shades you'd like to see next!

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