Thursday, 10 September 2015

Waxing at Home: Veet EasyWax Kit

Veet EasyWax Roll on Kit* - Link

I think many of you will agree when I said hair removal is such a beauty chore, and an excessive one at that which means I can tend to be a little lazy as it just grows back so quickly. I have tried professional waxes and hair removal creams but I always go back to my trusty razor. So with that in mind I couldn't wait to switch up my routine and try the Veet EasyWax Roll on Kit exploring home waxing. 

The Veet EasyWax Roll on Kit is described as an easy to use heated wax system that gives you salon-wax results at home and smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. The kit itself comes with a self heating device and cap, a wax refill for legs and arms, 12 woven strips, aftercare finish wipes and electrical cable. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to set up, the roll-on refill fit easily into the heating device and before I knew it I was counting down from 30 minutes waiting for the wax kit to heat up. You roll the device in the direction of your hair, and then apply a woven strip to remove the wax, I do find that you have to be a little firm with the device to ensure the right amount of pressure and wax is applied. Now I'm not gonna lie and say this doesn't hurt because if you aren't used to waxing then this is gonna hurt but it is something you grow accustom to so bear with it - the pain does get better and the results are definitely worth it. The finish wipes are great for removing any wax residue on the leg also, and feels quite refreshing against the skin.

So how did I get on? So I used a body scrub prior to waxing and I found that my legs were left feeling really smooth and not a hair in sight. Re-growth doesn't actually appear for a good 3 weeks which may not be the 28 days as advertised but it comes very closed, and even then it's only little prickly hairs that are few and far between. I love the look and feel of freshly waxed legs, and shaving really doesn't compare, you don't have to worry about spot checking your leg for any strays and can go bar legged with confidence. 

Overall I think that the EasyWax kit is perfect for those who want to venture into the world of waxing and to be honest the kit is so easy to work with so if you are a newbie to waxing as long as you follow the instructions you won't go far wrong. I love that you can purchase refills for this also, including underarm and bikini line refills meaning you won't need to step into a salon again. 

Are you a waxer or shaver?

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