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MAC Lipstick Collection: Red and Orange Lipsticks and Swatches

MAC Lipsticks LtoR: (top) All Fired Up, Salon Rouge, Steam Heat, Dreaming Dahlia
(middle) Charlotte, Ruby Woo, Sparks of Romance, Viva Glam I, Lady Danger
(bottom) Viva Glam Rhianna, Margherita, Toxic Tale, Damn Glamorous

I'm gonna start by apologising for the lack of posts over the past month, I've been suffering a mix of personal issues and just trying to get back into my old blogging routine. I figured what better way to get back into the swing of things,then to share my next batch of MAC Lipsticks, in the form and red and oranges. If you missed my last post you can catch it here where I shared with you all my Berry and Purple Mac lipsticks, and to be honest I didn't realise I owned so many reds and oranges until sorting through my collection to pick the shades out. 

MAC All Fired Up - Retro Matte

All Fired Up is actually one of the latest additions to my MAC lipstick collection, and is described as a bright fuchsia matte. Shade wise I find this to be a warm red toned fuchsia as it doesn't contain any blue undertones, meaning it falls more into the red tones for me. Being a retro matte finish this means that the lipstick is fairly drying, but doesn't tug too much on the lips. It does require a few minutes to apply just because of the formula and how bright the shade is, so I wouldn't recommend this for a lipstick on the go as I can be in front of my mirror for a good 3-4 minutes concentrating. However saying that this lasts really well on the lips and is the kind of shade that could be worn all day, as it does settle down to a gorgeous stain. 

MAC Salon Rouge (LE) - Matte

Salon Rouge was released as part of the Heirloom collection from last Christmas, and is described as a clean berry red. For me this is one of those shades that is perfect for this time of the year and is a gorgeous combination of deep berries and cool reds. Despite being a matte finish I find that the texture is creamy to apply - which is quite typical of MAC Matte formulas - and never feels drying on the lips. I find that this once again lasts a good 5-6 hours on the lips and does settle down to a gorgeous stain. This for me was a standout shade from the collection, and who can resist the gorgeous speckled glitter case. 

MAC Steam Heat (LE) - Satin

Steam Heat was released as part of the Wash and Dry collection, a range that to be honest I wasn't too bothered about until spotting it in the airport coming home from Spain and let's be honest you can't miss the bright packaging. The lipstick is described as a vivid yellow red, with warm undertones and a satin finish. This is one of those shades that is so rich to apply, and you can easily have a statement red lip with just one swipe. The shade itself is just perfect for all year round as it's bright enough for Summer and yet warm enough for Winter - a real winner all round! 

MAC Dreaming Dahlia (LE) - Lustre

Next up is Dreaming Dahlia which was released as part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection, and probably one of my favourite collections MAC released. The lipstick is described as a sheer red-coral with a lustre finish, and I think this was the lipstick to spark my orange obsession. Thankfully the lustre finish gives a gorgeous muted orange-coral which is a perfect shade for those wanting to venture into brights and this led to the purchase of Lady Danger as I feel like this is her younger sister. Being a lustre this doesn't last that long on the lips, around 3 hours if you are lucky but I don't mind I as the formula is so smooth and the colour wears gorgeously on the lips. 

MAC Charlotte (LE) - Matte

You may be noticing a theme when it comes to my reds and oranges as many of them seem to be from limited edition collections. Charlotte is probably one of my favourites, purely because of the name! Released as part of the Giambattista Valli collection, Charlotte is described as a medium-dark red with cool undertones, and for me just such a classical red. Being a matte formula this applies richly on the lips without dragging nor being too drying. This wears around 5-6 hours on the lips, and doesn't bleed which means it gets a big thumbs up, and would easily fall into my top 5 MAC lipsticks.

MAC Ruby Woo - Retro Matte

My collection wouldn't be a collection without the cult MAC shade Ruby Woo, this is described as a very matte vivid blue-red with cool undertones. Being a retro matte I do find this a little harder to work with as it does take concentration when applying and a spare 5 minutes, so it's not great for just throwing in your purse on the go - but instead you can apply this in a morning and know that it'll still be on your lips for a good while as this does not budge. I do find the retro matte formula a little drying on the lips to the point where you may want to pop a little bit of balm of during the day, but apart from that this is such a classical shade you need to own!

MAC Sparks of Romance (LE) - Matte Frost

Sparks of Romance was another lipstick I picked up from the Heirloom collection, and this is described as a true red with subtle, cool undertones. I wasn't so sure on the formula to begin with being a cross between matte and frost, but the more I wore it the more I grew to love it. The gold shimmer despite being bold in the bullet is barely there, but enough to help make your lips look fuller and perfect for the festive season. This lasted really well on the lips at around 5-6 hours, my only gripe is that it has the tendency to cling around the ends of the lips whilst evaporating in the middle and as you know it's never a good look!

MAC Viva GLAM I - Matte

Viva Glam I was the first lipstick I purchased from the Viva Glam range, and I'm so glad that I did. Viva Glam I is described as an intense brownish blue-red, and the colour itself is so rich that you can easily get away with just one swipe on the lips. Despite being a matte formula I find this not drying at all, and instead a little creamy whilst feeling light on the lips. Just like Ruby Woo this lasts around 5-6 hours on the lips and then settles into a cool red toned stain. This is such a classical red shade and is a must for any MAC collection, and remember the proceeds go to a good cause!

MAC Lady Danger - Matte

Lady Danger for me was one of those shades I took a risk with, as I was never sure how this would look against my skintone and going from nudes to a vibrant orange was always going to be a shock to the system. Described as a vivid bright coral-red, Lady Danger is a bold orange with a warm finish and you know what actually sits really nicely against my skintone as it's bright without being too overpowering making a great shade for both warmer and colder months. Another thing you may have noticed with my reds and orange lipsticks is that the majority of them are matte and this is no different, I find that this isn't drying against the lips but does have the tendency to show up any dry skin on the lips.

MAC Viva Glam Rhianna - Frost

Viva Glam Rhianna was actually one of the first red lipsticks I ever purchased, and this is described as a blue-red with a frost finish. Viva Glam Rhianna is quite a bright red with warm / neutral undertones, and very flattering to wear. Despite being a frost finish I don't think it's that shimmery it looks more like it has been teamed with a gloss which actually is a good thing as I'm not a big lover of frosty lips. This wears around 3-5 hours, and actually felt quite hydrating on my lips. 

MAC Margherita (LE) - Matte

Margherita was one of those shades that I wasn't sure of when buying the other Giambattista Valli collection shades and then once it was out of stock I really wanted it - typical me! Margherita is described as a yellow bright peach with a matte finish, and actually doesn't look as scary when applied compared to how it looks in the bullet. I find that despite being a matte formula this applies really creamy, but can cling to dry areas on the lips. Apart from that this is a gorgeous shade that wears for around 5 hours and one I'm glad I finally got - thanks to Fenwicks!

MAC Toxic Tale (LE) - Satin

Toxic Tale is one those that shades that I find very unique, and despite being described as a bright coral it was actually released as part of the MAC Red, Red, Red collection so for that reason I'm including in my reds post! This is a vibrant pink with warm undertones, and the colour is so rich that it glides on smoothly meaning you only need one swipe. This lasts a really good time also, I wore it to a wedding last month and think I only re-applied once. I'm really glad that this got re-promoted after missing out on the Venomous Villains launch. 

MAC Damn Glamorous (LE) - Matte

Damn Glamorous was released last year as part of the Matte Lipstick collection, and is described as a bright pink red - I honestly think these are my favourite type of reds. This actually reminds me of All Fired Up as both have a similar bright red look with pink undertones. I find that this is slightly drier in comparison to other MAC Matte lipsticks - it's strange how despite mattes all falling into the same finish they aren't all the same, some creamier, some more drying.  This lipstick does not budge either, lasting around 7 hours and settles into a stain. I would suggest teaming with a balm during the day as it can feel a little heavy and drying as the day goes on.

So there we go, they are my reds and oranges. I'd love to know what your favourite MAC reds and oranges are!

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