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My Top Tips for Perfect Red Lips

My Top Tips for Perfect Red Lips

During the Winter months, especially around the festive period I tend to part ways with my trusty nudes and switch things up by sporting a darker lip, especially red lipsticks. I don't know about you but the idea of wearing a red lip was quite daunting - and to be honest looking back I don't know why, because this is such a classical look that yes may be bright but I find to be universally flattering. So with the party season in full swing I wanted to do something similar to my top tips for nude lips, and share with you my top tips for wearing a red lip.

Exfoliate your lips

Keeping things similar to my nude lips post, I find that many of my reds are matte shades so this means I need to always exfoliate my lips before applying lipstick. This is just to remove any flakes and imperfections so that the lipstick doesn't cling and highlight any nastiness that we may not realise we have. For this I always love to use the Lush Lip Scrubs as they are not only simple to use but really effective for leaving a smooth lip which is just waiting for some lipstick lovin'.

Prime your lips

Before applying lipstick I always love to apply a balm to my lips, I just find that doing so locks in moisture which helps keep my lips from drying and helps to hides those dry lines you may get during the colder months to create a gorgeous looking red lip. I also if I'm wearing a matte, retro matte or liquid lipstick tend to apply a little balm during the wear of my lipstick and afterwards just to make sure I don't suffer from the dreaded chapped lip. Or you can opt for something like the Clinique Lip Pop Colour which acts as a primer also, which means that once applied this will do the job of a balm moisturising your lips for long lasting wear.

Line and Define your Lips

One thing I do find about red lipsticks is that they can have the tendency to bleed, now not all do but I have found a couple that have - so by applying as liner I find just helps to prime your lips before applying a lipstick and acts as a barrier to prevent bleeding. I find that with the likes of MAC's Ruby Woo it is just so time consuming to apply, so I find that using a red lipliner also helps to tidy your lipstick up afterwards and neaten any dodgy looking lines. A couple of my favourites include MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Beet and MAC Ms. Diva - yes it's all MAC but I find you just can't beat their liners.

Conceal your lips

I don't know about you but I find that when I'm wearing reds, plums or anything really bright I like to have a sharp finish around my lips. And sometimes you can't always create these neat lines by just relying on your lipstick and liner, so what I like to do is take some concealer on a small brush and just neaten around the lips. This will help reduce any feathering or bleeding and just create the perfect shape for your lips that will stand out against your makeup.

Blot your lips

After this I like to just take a piece of tissue and gently blot my lips to remove any excess lipstick as there is nothing worse than spotting a clump of product when you are out and trying to remove it leaving both your hands and lips looking worse off. So by just gently blotting away this removes any excess product whilst leaving your lip product feeling really comfortable and soft to wear.


For me red lipsticks are always about the matte, but once in a while I will like to change things up and apply a gloss maybe for a special occasion. I really love MAC Viva Glam Rihanna's gloss as it contains speckles of glitter and I think when teamed with a red lipstick it just helps to create a fuller looking lip and is very flattering either with a red lip or on its own.

I hope these tips came in handy, and I'd love to know your favourite products for the perfect red lip!

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