Monday, 29 August 2016

CharmedCharlee is moving

Ok I'll admit I told a little porky pie in the title, I'm not completely giving up on my blog, but I have introduced a new channel to CharmedCharlee - CharmedCharlee21. I'm back on YouTube, I've said for the past couple of years that I was going to get into YouTube but it never quite happened. Over the past month or so I've really been toying with the idea of doing videos and I will admit I've always been a bit wary as I've always felt that you're putting more of yourself out there for the world to see as video content is so different to being a writer behind a keypad. But you may have noticed content has been few and far on here for a while and I think that has just been me trying to find myself again as a blogger and within the beauty community, the spark had gone and I'd rather just stop writing than forcing myself, so I'm hoping that the contribution of videos will help to bring back that spark - and it's definitely coming back just a bit of a slow burner at the moment!

So here we are, to welcome my channel back I've uploaded an August favourites. I've embedded my video below if you don't want to go through to YouTube. I'd really love if you could check my channel out and let me know what other videos you'd like to see! 

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