Planning Your Dream Wedding While Staying On Your Budget

Planning Your Dream Wedding While Staying On Your Budget

There are many things to consider when throwing a wedding.  Budget is one of the largest!  Here are 5 ways you can throw a spectacular wedding on a budget:

Consider your budget

This point can never be stressed enough. While planning to throw a wedding, consider the amount that you have according to the plan that you have set. Determine of all the aspects you have considered in your plan will meet your budget. All the elements for the wedding such as photography, clothing, invitee list and other related expenses should certainly match your set budget.

Throw your wedding during off-peak seasons

What many people never realize is that having weddings on peak seasons will definitely be expensive. Throwing weddings in January is way less expensive than having it in June. Jake from Anoush says that “off-peak seasons will allow you to get other additional services from various vendors and suppliers at discounted rates.” Off-peak seasons wedding also enable your guest to save money since the cost for hotel accommodation and air tickets will be significantly low.

Trim your guest list

It is not mandatory that you invite everyone that you know of, or you have in mind. It would rather be important to concentrate on inviting few people who you will comfortably get the intimate feeling and private affair of your wedding. For the other people, you can arrange for a BBQ gathering that would get all of them together. This tip will greatly help you to throw a wedding on a budget without feeling the pinch in your pocket or bank account.

Embrace borrowing and renting, not buying

Wedding is a one day event. It would be pointless to buy expensive accessories for your wedding, which you will never use again after that special day. There are several suppliers and outlets that allow people to borrow or hire a number of wedding items. You will eventually save a good amount of money but still manage to have an eventful wedding to remember.

Have everything in mind

Throwing a wedding on a budget does not primarily mean that you have to settle for cheap things. At times cheap is expensive. All you have to do is keeping all factors in mind and weighing if they meet the required standards for your wedding. Choose a cost-effective reception that provides a cozy atmosphere. Going for a full-service venue is highly recommended as it will enable you to save a substantial amount of money.