Why You May Need To Visit A Urologist

Why You May Need To Visit A Urologist

A urologist is an expert in the issues related to the urinary tract. Most people are unsure if it is suitable for them to visit a urologist. We have compared some situations where you need to visit the urologist clinic.

Burning during urination

This burning can be a sign of less water intake. It can also be due to some serious problems like urinary tract infection. When you get a burning sensation during urination one time only, it is not a point of concern. In case of continuous burning sensation, you must visit a urologist.

Male sex-related issues

Erectile dysfunction is the most common issue in men these days. A man with erectile dysfunction cannot satisfy his female partner. AZ Urology can help you with the problems related to male sexual health. They can help you resolve the issues related to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation by prescribing medicines. Some injections can help you solve male sexual health problems permanently. Only a urologist can prescribe you these medicines.

Frequent urination

Frequent urination can be due to many reasons. When you go to a urologist to check for the urination problem, he will check for chronic diseases first. He will check your blood glucose level to ensure that you do not have diabetes. Diabetes can cause frequent urination problem. It can also be a sign of urinary tract infection. The urologist will prescribe some lab tests to diagnose the problem and use his experience to solve all your frequent urination problems.


Most people go to the urologist for urinary tract infections. The professional urologists at AZ Urology will treat this problem in two steps. They will check the type of infection by prescribing give the lab tests. Most people have bacterial infections. Some people also have infections related to fungal spores. In the case of bacterial infection, the urologist will prescribe antibiotics. When you have a fungal infection, you are going to need antifungal medicines to treat it. Without visiting a urologist, it will become impossible to treat the infections. Without treatment, these infections can lead to severe problems like renal failure.

Prostate related issues

Most of the older men have prostate-related issues. An enlarged prostate can cause several problems related to male urinary tract health. Men may suffer from frequent urination and sexual health problems due to enlarged prostate. The urologist will prescribe you some medicines that can resolve the issues of an enlarged prostate.